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Which Shade of Hybrid Are You?

The Quiz

Find out what type of hybrid conference is the best match for your event

This quiz asks 20 questions to encourage reflection on the specific needs unique to your event and identify which of six hybrid permutations may be the most effective at meeting those needs. We're sure there are many more questions to be considered, but the 20 asked here reflect the largest differentiation among the options. It’s a bit of fun, but also hopefully quite revealing. At the end, you can opt to be sent your results, as well as an anonymized aggregation of how everyone who takes the quiz responds. We’ll send that when we have a body of data to work from. Any scores that are more than about 50 points apart can be regarded as significantly different options.

Enjoy the quiz!

Statement 1:

Exhibitors generate a large proportion of our event income.

Statement 2:

We don’t have enough staff to run an online event at the same time as an in-person event.

Statement 3:

A key objective for us is to make it easier for early-career attendees to be heard and noticed at our event.

Statement 4:

Our in-person event is deliberately exclusive, with the majority of attendees highly-established professionals in the field.

Statement 5:

Our event is intended to serve a national, more than an international, audience.

Statement 6:

We believe there's an opportunity to extend community engagement beyond the single conference event into something more continuous throughout the year.

Statement 7:

The event stakeholders mostly want us to "go back to normal" as soon as possible.

Statement 8:

Our event is the primary vehicle for presentations of the latest scientific thinking in our field.

Statement 9:

We want to keep posters online because presenters tell us it provides them with a better experience and greater recognition.

Statement 10:

Attending our in-person event is the best way for early-career scientists from around the world to get noticed.

Statement 11:

Our stakeholders tell us conference travel is going to be harder for them to justify in the future.

Statement 12:

A substantial group of our attendees are practitioners rather than researchers.

Statement 13:

Our meeting presentations and papers are of relevance to adjacent subject areas of research and we want to maximize our reach into those areas.

Statement 14:

Our subject area is typically well funded.

Statement 15:

Our event typically attracts more than 10% of the scientists and practitioners working in our field.

Statement 16:

My budget for a hybrid event is no more than it was for just the in-person event in previous years.

Statement 17:

Our organization is keen to use this opportunity to change how events are run to meet its outreach mission in new ways.

Statement 18:

Our major event typically features fewer than 500 speakers and presenters.

Statement 19:

Our major event typically features more than 3,000 speakers and presenters.

Statement 20:

Our organization runs more than one major event per year.